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Discover the Israeli Impact Ecosystem through our interactive map

About the map

We are excited to present Israel's first impact ecosystem map!
Developed as part of IFIE's mission to CONVENE, CONNECT, and CATALYZE the ecosystem, this map is a result of the GSG's initiative to map the global ecosystem. Its purpose is to enable a deeper understanding of the ecosystem and allow you to delve into and meet different organizations driving change in Israel.

All featured organizations on the map are driven by the intention to create measurable social or environmental change, while also generating economic profit. The map showcases players in the country and their interconnectedness based on mentions of one another on LinkedIn or on their websites.

Israel's Impact Ecosystem

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Effective Altruism for developing the algorithm used to check the connections between organizations.

Can't find yourself on the map?

The map is updated annually and all information is screened by The Israeli Forum for Impact Economy.

Further exploration of the data

Any thoughts about the map?

The map is currently in its beta version as we continue collecting data. We value your feedback and contributions to enhance its completeness and accuracy. Please don't hesitate to reach out with your suggestions or any missing organizations to be included.

Thanks for your feedback!

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