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What's the Difference Between ESG and Impact Management & Measurement (IMM)?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices relate mainly to a company's operational policies and procedures. In contrast, Impact Management and Measurement (IMM) focuses on quantifying the social and/or environmental outcomes created by a venture's core products or services intentionally.

Why are ESG and IMM important?

For ventures, IMM provides a framework to understand how your business activities impact society and the environment. This insight can guide strategic decisions to maximize profits while driving sustainable positive impact. Combining IMM with solid ESG practices also minimizes risks and aligns operations with your goals.

For investors, a combination of both ESG and IMM frameworks offers insights into how investments can generate both financial returns and positive social or environmental impact while avoiding risks. This dual focus can lead to more resilient and diverse portfolios.

Welcome to Our IMM and ESG Guides

This resource aims to help entrepreneurs and investors grasp the importance of ESG, IMM, and how they enable sustainable business growth and investment returns. The guide will assist you in identifying the right strategy and getting started. However, we recommend engaging professional consultants to develop and execute comprehensive ESG and/or IMM plans.

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