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We work to promote and scale an impact-driven economy in Israel through our 5 Pillar Strategy



Current events and the growing challenges facing our planet and society are signaling to us how pressing it is to mainstream an impact-driven agenda by tackling challenges, from the smallest local challenges to the scariest global beasts. 


We at the IFIE, believe in the power of all actors and sectors in our economy and society to find innovative solutions to the challenges that our planet and societies face.


We work to scale an impact-driven economy strategy and approach by our 5 Pillar Strategy.​

For each one of the five pillars, we have established a working group (WG), which is the primary force bringing together decision-makers at higher levels of expertise in the ecosystem - policymakers, investors, intermediaries, innovators, and forward thinkers from all over Israel to discuss the short-term and long-term strategy and annual work programs, through which the Israel National Advisory Board (NAB) and IFIE partner organizations collaborate with each other on substantive issues.


We promote our endeavors through many other different activities including;


  • Ecosystem engagement events

Connecting professionals and ecosystems at a global level to harness collective knowledge. During our process of exploring the challenges and opportunities facing those trying to scale impact-led innovations in Israel, we have learned that each actor - whether it is a business entity, multinational corporation, social business, or NGOs - all face different challenges that need to be addressed separately. It is important for us to provide a space and platform that caters to these various participants.


  • Research and White papers

The IFIE initiates and partners in research publications on impact investing, sustainable investing, and more. We analyze data and create market snapshots intended to develop papers about paramount issues of importance to the Israeli impact ecosystem. We aim to increase the dissemination of knowledge in order to leverage local and global best practices. Through these insightful publications, stakeholders will gain new perspectives and understanding of the needs and opportunities of impact innovation and an impact-driven economy for the benefit of all people and the planet.​

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