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Share insights, engage in new collaborations, and learn more about the impact investing ecosystem at one of these industry events.

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Past Events

JANUARY 17, 2023
Impact 3.0
The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

The Impact 3.0 conference, hosted by the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, in collaboration with the Israeli Forum for Impact Economy, focused on effective economic, social and environmental change at the public, governmental and business levels.

צילום מסך 2023-01-25 103642.png

JUNE 14, 2022
Impact as a Currency Conference
ANU Museum, Tel-Aviv

Hosted by the Israeli Forum for Impact Economy, in collaboration with Liberal magazine, dbl and teenk, the first conference of its kind to present the emerging changes in the impact economy as seen through the eyes of Generation Z in Israel.

MAY 25, 2022
Intro session on the first advanced course for public companies on ESG and risk management

The Israeli Forum for Impact Economy, Israel Investor Relations Forum in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Launched a course on ESG strategy, impact and risk management in dialogue with investors.

MAY 24, 2022
'Practices and Tools for Measuring Impact' Webinar

A webinar, Together with Kayama Center at the University of Haifa on 'Practices and Tools for Measuring Impact' - experts from global entities from finance, business, ESG and impact will share all about new and current frameworks and prespectives on the reporting needs of today and how they align with global trends.

MARCH 15, 2022
Talking Impact Over a Beer

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

An open-to-all evening event at Abraham Hostel Tel-Aviv, for talking, conversing and networking over the business opportunities for Entrepreneurs In the growing impact market.
Event Keynote Speakers:
Christina Jäger, Co-founder & Managing Director of the Yunus Environment Hub (YEH), IFIE CEO Vanessa Kacherginsky. 

MARCH 14, 2022
Impact from Theory to Practice:
Impact Management and Measurement
2B HUB, Tel-Aviv

Keynote speaker Nigel Ball, Director of the Government Outcomes Lab at the University of Oxford, lectured on the subject of 'Impact Management and Measurement post-Covid'. Following that we hosted a panel of experts on Pay for Success models in a global perspective -
Rita Golshtein - Galperin; Aya Navon; Omer Snir; Raphaëlle Sebag. During the event, we launched the IFIE and Kayama - Executive Education Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Entrepreneurship at the University of Haifa's new course, Impact Measurement and Management.

DECEMBER 13, 2021
Between Impact and Academia
In partnership with The Edmond De Rothschild Foundation IL

An event bringing together scholars, academics, students and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds to engage and converse on the position of Impact Investing and Academia as part of the IFIE's Impact Academic Forum.


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