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As a partner of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), The Israeli Forum for Impact Economy (IFIE) is a multi-sector group of Israeli leaders committed to developing an impact-driven economy — while simultaneously ensuring continued economic growth and prosperity.


We aim to accelerate the growth of impact investment and entrepreneurship, ultimately benefiting both people and the planet. Through our efforts, we strive to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that drives positive social and environmental change.


Become a partner of the IFIE


Influence and Impact: Your participation in the IFIE working groups and initiatives empowers you to have a direct impact on the Israeli impact ecosystem, positioning it as a leader in the global impact economy. Together, we can work towards increasing the scale of impact capital, technology and policies attracting both local and global actors who are aligned with the values of the impact economy.

Ecosystem Growth: Your involvement in the NAB will contribute to increasing the number of actors within the impact investing ecosystem across sectors. By attracting and engaging a broader range of stakeholders, we can create a more inclusive and robust impact ecosystem in Israel. Click here to see the Israel impact Ecosystem map

Network Expansion: The IFIE membership opens doors to a diverse network of stakeholders from various sectors, locally and globally via the GSG network. You will have the chance to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, organizations, and experts, expanding your network and fostering meaningful partnerships across sectors.


Thought Leadership: As a member, you will actively participate in thought leadership discussions, enabling you to contribute to shaping the understanding of impact investment both within your local community and on a global scale. 

Financial Innovation: Membership provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the development and implementation of new financial tools within the impact investing sphere. By exploring innovative approaches, we can expand the reach and effectiveness of impact capital deployment.

Membership levels and fees 

Membership in the IFIE is open to organizations and companies of all types who share a commitment to the vision and mission of IFIE. We welcome diverse stakeholders who are aligned with our goals and are dedicated to driving positive impact to benefit people and the planet.

Membership requirements 

  • Membership to be evaluated every 4 years

  • Commitment to the mission and values of the NAB 

  • Commitment to invest resources for the development of the Israel impact economy ecosystem (at least 4 hours per month)

  • Provide a point of contact within the member organization to develop a working group or project as the member and the IFIE see fit. 

Membership fees 

The NAB is a lean organization relying on membership fees and sponsoring to fulfill its mission. The membership fees are designed to be as inclusive as possible and to give a voice to all types of stakeholders.


Bronze Partner


This level provides interested parties in ‘Impact Economy’, to receive access to knowledge resources, community access and networking ,and that budget and partnership benefits fit organizational and/or company requirements.

Silver Partner

This level provides access to organizations and/or companies with knowledge building and learning, beneficial access to the global network, and intro to community projects/initiatives to support the organization's growth in the impact-economy field.

Gold Partner​

This level offers organizations and/or companies with an extensive number of program benefits to engage and co-lead significant initiatives, access to estimable learning and resourceful opportunities, while receiving significant recognition.

Platinum Partner

This level offers strategic partners with the greatest number of 

partnership benefits; broad engagement and co-led initiative 

opportunities, high-level engagement with the local and global 

community, and considerable recognition for their support. 

Overall, membership in the NAB offers you a platform to actively shape the impact economy landscape, influencing the growth and development of the ecosystem in Israel and beyond.



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