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Impact Management and Measurement Course


● When and where – November 2022-January 2023 | 6 meetings F2F, 2 online practice sessions
● Credits – 2 credits, 24 academic hours
● Language of instruction – Hebrew

This course is brought to you by the IFIE and KAYAMA Center at Haifa University

Every business, program, or initiative has an impact, whether positive or negative, on society and on the environment. Knowing how to define and measure this impact allows managers, investors, policymakers and implementers to make better, more informed decisions about how to enhance and strengthen programs that improve lives, and how to modify or reassign the resources of programs that are not achieving their objectives.


This course offers a unique opportunity to learn the tools of impact management and measurement tools. More specifically, we will focus on the Impact Management Platform  (IMP) and extend on its parts. The course will provide an introductory outlook on impact management, including measurement, monitoring, and evaluation of social programs and initiatives. After taking the course, students will understand the importance of measuring impact and familiarity with impact language as well as the relevant analytical and empirical tools of impact measurement. The course will enable students to better articulate short-term outcomes and long-term goals and connect them to quantifiable metrics that can help support decisions and improve the ability to create impact over time.

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