IFIE connects, convenes, and catalyzes partnerships among diverse stakeholders and sectors, building bridges between national and international players to expand the local impact ecosystem.

Forming the 'WHAT'


Around the world, the movement toward an impact-driven economy is developing through a progressive and organic exchange of ideas, practices, tools, strategies, and alliances.


With many different definitions and opinions of “impact” there are often misconceptions or misinterpretations and diverse sets of practices in the impact investing spectrum.  

It is important that diverse voices, stakeholders, ecosystems, and sectors are bringing their own perspectives and motives, and discard misconceptions when forming a common ground and understanding of the core basis of the work that is done together to advance sustainable solutions to social-economic-environmental challenges.

To read more about the meaning of 'impact' additional terms, visit our Glossary page.

‘The Blind Men and an Elephant’;

Six blindfolded men were asked to guess what they were touching when blindfolded. Each of them was made to feel an elephant on different sides but none could guess the animal. Not only that, each one described the elephant’s body in a different way, as each and every one of them guessed it wrong. The story is used to illustrate how perception about something varies from person to person and may lead to myths.

Source: GSG

An Impact Economy Approach to Partnerships

In an impact economy, governments, organizations, investors, and consumers are motivated to include marginalized and underserved sectors of society in the mainstream economy, while also considering the needs of our planet and its environment.

This unique multi-stakeholder approach, combined with strong connections with the international GSG network, will allow the IFIE to support significant cross-sectoral partnerships for measurable and positive societal and environmental impact.

By doing so, we can work together to achieve a greater goal and address greater needs.

Convene, Connect and Catalyze

In order to best steer the complexities of achieving a future that is equitable and inclusive for everyone and that is making strides to minimize negative environmental effects for our planet to thrive, we need to harness the power of sustainable, meaningful, and diversified cooperation and co-action of all actors and sectors in our society and economy to examine the cumulative effect of their actions. 


Through partnerships with entities who share a deep sense of urgency and commitment to advance sustainable solutions to social-economic-environmental challenges, we wish to expand the local impact ecosystem potential and opportunities and make Israel a destination for impact and responsible investments. 


The Advantages Of Being An IFIE Partner 

Partner organizations are granted access to IFIE & GSG programs, initiatives, and unique opportunities to engage/organize/co-sponsor events of interest, including extending professional networking and learning, increased organizational visibility, access to the local IFIE and global GSG-NABs member-only events, training, workshops, think-tanks, and resources (unless specially noted).

Organizations interested in partnering with the IFIE, are encouraged to join one of the Working Groups (WG). Joining a Working Group is the best way to best get involved, influence, and advocate for substantive programs and agendas! To learn more about IFIE's Working Groups, visit the HOW page.

Reach out to us for information regarding our partnership levels and additional content-partnership opportunities.